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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gypsy Traveler

Jobs fill your pockets. Adventures fill your soul.
Thankfully. My Husbands Career. It takes care of both.
Jonathan's a Starting Pitcher for the Colorado Rockies.
Obviously. Major League Baseball. They provide.
They also dictate. Locations of living. Plus traveling.
{Typical Schedule}
{January 25 - 28, Denver, Fan Fest}
{February 10 - April 1, Scottsdale, Spring Training}
{April 2 - October 1, Denver, Regular Season}
{{During Season Travel, Out of State, 40 Different Trips}}
{October 2 - February 9, Scottsdale, Off Season}
{{Holidays, Oklahoma/Arkansas, Visits}}
{Doesn't Include, Injury Rehabs, Positional Moves, Trades}
Nesting. Urge to Clean & Organize. Always.
It's mostly associated with pregnancy. 
In my case with O.bsessive C.ompulsive D.isorder.
I believe everything has a designated place.
I also believe in planning. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. In advance.
I've not had the easiest time coming to terms with this lifestyle.
It's difficult. Someone with my personality. No Assurance.
We have no control over where Jonathan's career takes our family.
Baseball. It's Day-to-Day. Daily uncertainly.
There are options. Don't get me wrong. They aren't ideal though.
{Option A}
{Nest. Buy a House. Settle}
{Jonathan Would Be Gone 6 - 8 Months}
{Visiting Would Be an Option}
{Option B}
{Semi Nest. Rent. Relocate}
{Jonathan Would Be Gone Every Other Week for 6 Months}
{Occasionally Traveling Would Be an Option}
{Option C}
{Gypsy. Hotels. Travel}
{Jonathan Would Be Gone Every Other Week for 6 Months}
{I Would Travel Along Side Him Every Other Week for 6 Months}
{{If The Hotel's Are Pet Friendly}}
Long Distance. Semi Long Distance. No Long Distance.
We'd done option A. We even tested option B. We settled on option C.
Goodbye O.C.D. Nesting. Hello Gypsy Traveler.
Gypsy? Traveler? What?
There's a variety of definitions. I'll provide the one that best suits me.
One who follows an itinerant or otherwise unconventional career or way of life.
Jonathan's baseball career. It's completely unconventional.
If you've not lived the lifestyle. I doubt you'll ever fully understand.
Those Who Do. Live It Up. It Wont Last Forever.
{2016, Location, Cost}
{January 1 - April 6, Scottsdale, $1500}
{January 22 - January 24, Denver, $500}
{March 12 - March 19, Oklahoma, $339.96}
{April 6 - October 5, Denver, 184.98}
{April 8 - April 17, Modesto, $707.95}
{April 30 - May 7, Oklahoma, $137.96}
{May 15 - May 19, St. Louis, $303.97}
{May 22 - May 26, Boston, $564.96}
{June 2 - June 5, San Diego, 16,058 Points, $11.20}
{June 15 - June 20, Miami, $508.96}
{June 29 - July 3, Los Angeles, $220.96}
{July 3 - July 6, San Francisco, $118.98}
{July 14 - July 17, Atlanta, $390.96}
{July 24 - July 29, Oklahoma, $121.98}
{August 9 - August 11, Arlington, $295.96}
{August 11 - August 14, Philadelphia, $228.98}
{August 21 - August 24, Milwaukee, $304.96}
{September 7 - September 11, San Diego, $78.98}
{September 11 - September 14, Phoenix, $151.96}
{September 21 - September 25, Los Angeles, $43.99}
{September 25 - September 29, San Francisco, $212.96}
{October 5 - December 31, Scottsdale, $2000}
{November 3 - November 8, Arkansas,1500}
{November 19 - November 29, Mexican Riviera,$7,000}
{December 22 - December 29, Oklahoma/Arkansas, $2,993.56}
{25 Locations, Over $20,000}
Travel Now. Travel While You're Young. Travel While You're Able!
Don't Worry About Money. Just Make It Work!
Experience. Time. They Are Far More Valuable!
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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rescue Mommy

I've always been the girl who wants to bring every animal home with me!
Since I can remember I've always had an overwhelming love for them.
I even wanted to pursue a career as a vet until I reached the 6th grade.
I couldn't stomach the idea of having to Euthanize any animal!
We'd always had some type of animal growing up.
{Cats, Dogs, Pigs, Cows, Horses}
They were to always remain outdoors though.
I came from a family that didn't believe in allowing animals inside.
I always felt because of that my relationship with them was hindered. 
I decided when I moved out I would find an indoor companion.
I spent numerous hours online doing my research.
I wanted to be sure I was prepared because this was a life changing decision.
I also wanted to make sure I found a breed that fit my lifestyle.
I finally settled on a Yorkshire Terrier.
{Hypoallergenic, Under 5lbs, Puppy Face Forever, Lap Dog}
When I began to research for my companion I was astonished.
I couldn't believe the vast amounts of animals that were withering away without homes.
I decided right there I would not breed or buy while homeless dogs die!
Since, I've become the proud Rescue Mommy to 3 purebred Yorkies.
That's right. You heard me. Rescue MOMMY!
I believe my rescues are not only members of my family.
They are actually my children. 
Now. I know some will disagree. That's fine. We are all entitled to our own opinion.
However. You might want to find another blog.
I love my babies. I will continue to refer to them as such. I am their Adoptive Mommy.
I take care of my fur babies. Just like. You take care of your human babies.
In actuality. I would say. I even take better care of them than others do theirs.
I always make my babies health a top priority.
They are always kept current on all their vaccinations. We visit our Doctor twice yearly to make sure.
When they've become ill we spare no expense.
{Doctors, Emergency Rooms, Orthopedic Specialists, Neurological Specialist}
I think we've spent more money there than most have even spent on their vehicles.
They receive the highest quality. Royal Canine Adult Yorkie. Twice Daily in the AM/PM.
We are an all organic household when it comes to treats.
They also receive Oral Hygiene Care. That's a must when you have Yorkies.
{Home, Groomer, Doctor}
They are kept on a grooming schedule. Every 2 Months. They have hair just like humans.
Those aren't even all the basic. Not to mention all the accessories.
 {Bowls, Collars, ID Tags, Harness, Leases, Crates, Beds, Blankets, Toys, Clothes, Pick-Up Bags, Pup Pads}
Oh. I can't forget to mention that we travel. A lot.
We DON'T leave our babies behind.
I can count on one hand the time we've left them in the past 4 years.
I know for a fact my babies have traveled more than most adults travel their entire life. 
They even have all the travel accessories.
{Suitcase, Front Sling, Rolling Carrier, Stroller}
Those are the materialist side of things. That doesn't even include the emotional side.
When they need an uplighting hand I comfort them.
I protect them from any type of danger that comes their way.
Just like most mothers I constantly worry about them. 
Bentley Popcorn Gray, Born October 10, 2012, Adopted October 10, 2013, Passed January 13, 2016
Sophie Shadow Gray, Born November 23, 2013, Adopted May 16, 2014
Trunks Barnaby Gray, Born April 20, 2016, Adopted August 4, 2016
They are 110% my Children! My Husband is 110% their Daddy! I am 110% their Mommy!
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Supportive Wife

'Most Women Want A Man That's Already Established.
A Strong Woman Will Be Apart Of His Struggle,
Survie It, Succeed Together, And Build An Empire!'
Jonathan and I haven't been working towards building an empire but, 
I think it's safe to say we are well on our way towards building a legacy.
I began dating Jonathan  Charles Gray in August of 2007.
I'd just celebrated my 14th birthday in May
Jonathan was about to celebrate his 16th birthday in November.
Umm. Scandalous! We were quite the talk of the town.
I spent countless hours watching my boyfriend play High School Baseball.
{I also watched him play Summer ball, American Legion ball, Junior College ball, Division 1 College ball}
 Jonathan & I got married in August of 2015.
We'd been together for 8 years.
We'd only been engaged for a little under 3 months though.
Also. Scandalous! I was NOT pregnant like many people thought.
Now I spend countless hours watching my husband play Major League Baseball.
{I also watched him play Rookie ball, A Advanced ball, Spring Training ball, AA Ball, AAA ball}
It's been a LONG journey!
There have been times filled with enormous amounts of laughter.
Then also times that were filled with immense amounts of tears. 
It's never mattered what life has thrown our way.
Through all the times we've taken steps backwards.
During all the times we've taken steps forward.
We've always taken them together with hand-in-hand.
{Even When One Hand Was Having To Pull Or Drag The Other Hand}
I am beyond proud of all that my husband has accomplished.
I am also beyond proud of the man my husband has become.
It's truly been an honor to be apart of my husband success.
It's even a bigger honor to be his wife!
"A Wise Woman Knows The Importance Of Speaking Life Into Her Man.
If You Love Him: Believe In Him, Encourage Him, & Be His Pease."
-Denzel Washington
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Not A Fan

There are a select few whom will actually understand this phrase.
Those who know a little about me will assume I'm referring to baseball.
Then the rest will think it has no deeper meaning other than, not a fan.
The statement, "Not a Fan,"actually defines my relationship with God.
In High School my Youth Pastor asked me to D(efine).T(he).R(elationship).
Was I a fan of Jesus? or Was I a follower of Jesus?
I quickly D.T.R. I was obviously a follower of Jesus!
Oh. How. I. Was. Wrong.
I began to quickly realize I was actually a fan of Jesus!
Not only was I a fan but I'd been 'just' a fan my entire life.
I wanted to be close enough to Jesus that I would reap the benefits.
Yet far enough from Jesus that it wouldn't require any sacrifice.
The further I dove into each chapter the more I finally began to understand.
I could no longer "sit on the sidelines and cheer for his cause," -Craig Groeschel.
I have to follow Jesus; wherever, whenever, & for whatever.
I am a follower of Jesus, NOT A FAN!
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Sunday, January 1, 2017



Did You Ever Wonder Why I'm

Wonder No More Because I'm Blogging!

You'll be able to live vicariously through #TheGraytestMoments #TheInBetweenMomemts & #TheGrayMoments 

I'm talking past, present, & future. The good, the bad, & the ugly. All here little by little! 

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{Why I'm #NotAFan Coming Monday, 5 PM!}